Kellie Powell

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Upcoming Productions:

Previous Productions:

Directing Experience:

  • Director, White Squirrels, Love Creek Productions Brief Acts Company, September 2014
  • Director, Parasite, La Petite Morgue The Best of Fresh Blood, July 2014
  • Director, Wolfsbane, La Petite Morgue, The Best of Fresh Blood, April 2013
  • Director, In Sickness, La Petite Morgue, July 2012
  • Director, You Lost a Lot of Blood, La Petite Morgue, July 2012
  • Director, All the Way to Crawfordville, La Petite Morgue, July 2012
  • Director, I Can Build You, KNOW Theatre Playwrights Festival, 2010
  • Director, Noises Off, Dickinson Community Players, 2010
  • Director, Dogface, Shoes, 2009
  • Assistant Director, Audience, The Liberty Free Theatre, 2007
  • Director, Bargaining, Shoes, 2007
  • Producer, Old Skool Showcase, Shoes, 2006
  • Director, Reserved (The Role Reversal One-Acts), Shoes, 2005
  • Director, The Women's Room, Illinois State University, 2005
  • Director, Slam the Door Softly, Illinois State University, 2005
  • Director, Patter for the Floating Lady, Illinois State University, 2005
  • Director, Down the Road, Shoes, 2004
  • Director, Patient A, Shoes, 2004
  • Director, Collaboration, Hinman Production Company, 2004
  • Director, Three Days of Rain, Shoes, 2003
  • Director, Catholic Schoolgirls, Shoes, 2003
  • Coach & Judge for University High School Speech Team, 2003
  • Director, The Author's Voice, Stick & Co. Productions, 2002
  • Director, No Exit, Stick & Co. Productions, 2001
  • Director, Am I Blue?, Stick & Co. Productions, 2001
  • Assistant Director, The Good Doctor, University High, 2001
  • Student Director, The Imaginary Invalid, University High, 2000

Other Theatre Credits:

  • Box Office Shift Supervisor, Paper Mill Playhouse, 2011 - Present
  • Producer, Fresh Blood Reading Series, La Petite Morgue, 2012-2014
  • Producer, Bloody GORE-geous Monologues, La Petite Morgue, February 2013
  • Box Office & Marketing Staff, Follow Me to Nellie's, Premiere Stages, 2011
  • Assistant Stage Manager, The Flood, Goodwill Theatre, 2010
  • Assistant Stage Manager, Sunfish, Goodwill Theatre, 2010
  • Box Office & House Manager, Othello, Goodwill Theatre, 2010
  • Assistant Stage Manager, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Endicott Performing Arts Center, 2009
  • Stage Manager, The Curious Case of the Baffled Buffler, Mental Health Players, 2009
  • Production Assistant, The Josh Weckesser Dance Spectacular, Links Hall, 2006
  • Light Hang Crew, Crimes of the Heart, Illinois State University, 2006
  • Costume Crew, Morning Star, Illinois State University, 2005
  • Costume Crew, Alcestis, Binghamton University, 2004
  • Assistant Stage Manager, Hello Dolly, Binghamton University, 2003
  • Publicity/Program Manager, The Importance of Being Earnest, University High, 2001
  • House Manager & Set Crew, 42nd Street, University High, 2001
  • House Manager, Working, University High, 2000.
  • Make-Up & Costume Crew, Big River, Illinois All-State Theatre Festival, 2000.
  • Props Crew Head, You Can't Take It With You, University High, 1999.
  • Assistant Stage Manager, Anything Goes, University High, 1999.

Acting Credits:

  • Wanda, Kennedy's Children, KNOW Theatre, 2010
  • Head Witch/Goneril, Shakespeare in Hell, Bard in the Yard, 2010
  • Mischa & Ensemble, Erosion, Endicott Performing Arts Center, 2009
  • Joan, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Endicott Performing Arts Center, 2009
  • Alice, Leather Bound Concrete, KNOW Theatre Playwrights Festival, 2009
  • Bethany, The Curious Case of the Baffled Butler, Mental Health Players, 2009
  • Ursula, Much Ado About Nothing, WHRW Radio Theatre, 2008
  • Bartender, Preening (The Role Reversal One-Acts), Shoes, 2005
  • Dylan Thomas & Nadia, Scatterbrain, V Alternative Theatre Experience, 2004
  • Guerilla Theatre, Illinois State University, 2002-2003
  • Frumah Sarah, Fiddler on the Roof, University High, 2002
  • Joanne, Among Friends & Clutter, University High, 2002
  • Robin Smith, Sophistry, Stick & Co. Productions, 2001
  • Electra, Electra, University High, 2001
  • Emily, Bang Bang You're Dead, Stick & Co. Productions, 2000
  • Kim Kutledge, Gray Matter, Stick & Co. Productions, 2000
  • Meg Murray, A Wrinkle in Time, University High, 2000



  • Earned a B.A. in Theatre from Illinois State University.
  • National Student Exchange Participant - two semesters at Binghamton University (SUNY).
  • Graduated from University High School.
Kellie Powell


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