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Three Days of Rain

By Richard Greenberg
Directed by Kellie Powell

Walker (Seth Gorden) and Nan (Lauren Schumacher) Say Goodbye to the Dead
Three Days of Rain Photo Gallery

Friday, August 8 at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, August 9 at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, August 10 at 5:00 p.m.
The Coffeehouse & Deli
114 E. Beaufort
Downtown Normal


ACT ONE (1995)
Walker Janeway
Seth Gorden
Nan Janeway
Lauren Schumacher
Phillip (Pip) O'Malley Wexler
Dan Oltman

ACT TWO (1960)
Edmund (Ned) Janeway
Justin Irvin
Krystal Wilcox
Theodore (Theo) Wexler
Steve Vittitoe

Production Crew

Set & Props:
Megan Hannah, Paige Osborn, Will Irvin, Lauren Schumacher, Justin Irvin, Seth Gorden, Steve Michaels, Stephanie Krimmer, Megan Dougherty, Michelle Ball, Dan Oltman.

Lighting & Sound:

Steve Michaels, Will Irvin, Steve Vittitoe, Stephanie Krimmer, Dan Oltman.


Krystal Wilcox.

Publicity & House:

Will Irvin, Paige Osborn, Steve Vittitoe, Michelle Ball, Samantha Slama.


Katie Karl, Dan Oltman.

Special Thanks To:

The Coffeehouse & Deli
The University Heights Church
Josh Weckesser and Stick & Co. Productions
Rebecca Benner
Madelyn Nickum
Music Industry Networking
Mike Hannah
Seth's Mom
Georgia Oltman
Brandon Bennett
Kathleen Helgeson
And, to the Shoes Executive Board:
Katie Karl, Kathy Briggs, Steven Michaels,
Dan Oltman, and Seth Gorden


Three Days of Rain is about love, family, guilt, ambition, inspiration, and architecture.

Walker and his sister Nan are the children of Ned, a famous architect, and Lina, who was hospitalized for mental illness during their formative years. Nan has married and had children of her own, while Walker has wandered through his existence, lost and confused. Walker has returned from self-imposed exile following his father's death to seek answers in the apartment Ned once shared with his partner, Theo. He finds more questions than answers in the deserted home, and ultimately, he must draw his own conclusions in order to find peace of mind.

Act Two takes place thirty years earlier, before any of the characters from Act One were born. Ned and Theo return to life, and Lina is "not crazy, just Southern." The mystery of Walker's parents begins to unravel, and the audience learns what Walker and his sister will never and can never know. -Kellie Powell, Director

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