By Kellie Powell

Collaboration is the story of an uneven friendship between two writers, and the conflict that results from their attempt to work together. Here, Shane must convince his friend and collaborator, Kim, to sign off on a production of his re-write of a script she wrote.


I've been sending this show all over the fucking country, Kim. And you mean to tell me I did all of that for nothing? I've got the chance of a lifetime here - Christ, you too. You may never get another opportunity like this one. Just because you hate it - what gives you the right to punish me, to take this awayfrom me?

I mean, come on! Do you think anyone would have produced the show you wrote? It was so... gooey. Sappy, sentimental, cheesy, corny, and Hallmark. Lifetime-made-for-TV-movie, Bridges-of-Madison-County, Oprah-book-of-the-month-club gooey!

[Kim collects her belongings and starts to leave. Shane panics.]

Kim. Wait, don't go. Please? You're holding all the cards here, okay? You've got me right where you want me - desperate, okay? So, I will listen to whatever you have to say. And I won't be hostile. I promise. Just, please... Sit back down, have a drink with me, and tell me what I have to do to work this out.

Kim, come on. This is my one shot to actually use my ridiculously expensive Theatre degree. I really don't want to end up teaching high school drama and English. Don't you see how badly I need this? Can't you at least sit down and talk to me? Please?

This monologue is from the one-act play Collaboration by Kellie Powell, published by These Aren't My Shoes Productions (ISBN: 978-0615434803). If you would like to read the entire play, you can purchase an electronic copy (PDF) of the script for $7.00.
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