Down the Road

Written by Lee Blessing
Directed by Kellie Powell
Assisted by Kathy Briggs

Down the Road Photo Gallery

August 6-8, 2004
The Coffeehouse
Normal, IL


Dan Henniman
Ryan Brewer
Iris Henniman
Amanda Finfrock
William Reach
Bret Swanson

Production Crew

Lights & Sound:
Paige Osburn & Lauren Schumacher.

Costume Design:

Kathy Briggs.

Television Voices:

Steve Michaels, Justin Irvin, Lauren Schumacher, Paige Osburn, Megan Hannah, Katie Karl.

Tech Crew:

Megan Hannah, Steve Michaels, Michelle Ball, Kathy Briggs, Eric Ringenberg, Ryan Brewer, Bret Swanson, Mandy Finfrock.

House Crew:

Dan Oltman, Katie Karl, Kiri Palm, Will Irvin.

Special Thanks To

The Coffeehouse & Deli
Rebecca Benner
Madelyn Nickum
Joann Briggs
Elaine Sebald
Josh Weckesser
Marc Lebovitz
The Voices
Music Industry Networking

Notes From the Director

Down the Road is the intense drama of a serial killer and the married couple who agree to write his biography. Dan and Iris Henniman (played by Ryan Brewer, previously seen in Patient A, and Amanda Finfrock) are trying to treat killer and rapist Bill Reach (played by Bret Swanson), like any of their other subjects. They fight to stay emotionally unattached while "hyping the gore", and to not react to Reach's sickening narratives. But eventually, they must question their book's place in a decadent culture obsessed with violence. Once Iris begins to speculate about Reach's motives, he becomes an inescapable and haunting presence in their lives.