Just Looking

By Kellie Powell

In ACT III, Jamie delivers this monologue from the play-within-a-play Angela is directing. The philosophies she espouses are similar to Jamie's own feelings about the unnecessary drama caused by relationships and commitment.


I thought that we talked about this. You don't want me to be your girlfriend. You don't want a girlfriend. You only think you do. You only think you do because it's what you've been taught is right. You know my position on this. I'm not like you. I don't feel compelled to tie a rock to my leg and jump off a cliff. It's nothing personal. You seem like a great guy. But a relationship? Why? We have everything we need, right now. Affection, conversation, sex, and the only kind of devotion that lasts: we're friends. Why would you want to trade that for a hollow sense of security? For some kind of false guarantee?

Love, by its very nature, is brief. In a couple of months, we'll get bored with each other, and we'll drift apart. No mess, no bullshit. Look, I just don't want us to lie to ourselves, or to each other. The minute I'm your girlfriend, we stop being people to each other and start being obligations. And, I care about you too much to let that happen.

You say you want more. Well - this is me. This is all I have to give you. Take it or leave it.

This monologue is from the full-length play Just Looking by Kellie Powell. If you would like to read the entire play, you can purchase and download an electronic (PDF) copy of the script for $6.00.

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