The Old Skool Showcase

Showcase Cast

Thursday, August 31, 2006
The Coffeehouse & Deli


Lauren Schumacher - This Fish is Hella Dead

Krystal Wilcox - Amy - And Turning Stay by Kellie Powell

Josh Weckesser - The One-Man Gray Matter: An Ego Deferred

Close Second by Kellie Powell

Lauren Schumacher - Alex
Kellie Powell - Voice

Krystal Wilcox - Susan - In the Boom Boom Room by David Rabe

Kellie Powell - That Was Then - original work

Josh Weckesser - Igor - Sophistry by Jonathan Marc Sherman

Marion Sakaluk - "Truly Human" from Swooning Beauty by Joanna Frueh

Krystal Wilcox - Georgie - Spike Heels by Theresa Rebeck

Kellie Powell - Ned - Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg

An Idea for a Short Story: Variations on a Theme by Josh Weckesser Kathy Briggs - X
Josh Weckesser - Y

Tim Zajac - Collaboration by Kellie Powell

Lauren Schumacher - Don't You Know That I Would (Kill Your Children)?

Josh Weckesser - The Cricket Dance

Performer Biographies:

Kellie Powell wants to write and direct plays. She is moving to Chicago to pursue this pipe dream, but will surely end up dead and bankrupt in a gutter.

Lauren Schumacher should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Sometimes, she doesn't want to be cannibalized.

Krystal Wilcox's favorite Shoes role was Lina in Three Days of Rain. Her dream is to play the old bear woman in The 13th Warrior who gets beheaded.

Josh Weckesser is a professional lighting designer in Chicago. He lives with a former sailor at the Alpha Beta Unlimited house. Visit his website

Marion Sakaluk hails originally from the fabled Canada. She torture birds professionally. She enjoys Oscar Wilde and Killer Instinct.

Kathy Briggs has spent considerable time in Germany recently, and is glad to be back in a country where people jaywalk.

Tim Zajac is a student at Illinois State University. He enjoys directing, acting, singing, and owning with the marching band.

Special Thanks To:

Lauren Schumacher for the songs, for the laughs, for the rides, for the inspiration.

Krystal Wilcox for understanding, for the cigarettes, the sacrifices and the forgiveness.

Tim Zajac for believing my work had universality, for the friendship and the feedback.

Marion Sakaluk for sitting through the shows with gore-talk that made you sick.

Kathy Briggs for listening and reading, for the curtain, for the sympathy & the poetry.

Megan Hannah for the honesty and for not kicking my ass when I probably deserved it.

Seth Gorden for supporting my pipe dreams, for telling me to be brave, for our logo, for being Walker, for the laughs & the Nietzsche, for the chalking, drawings & the jazz music.

Katie Karl for being VP of my fan club, for the feedback, for the hard work & groceries.

Steve Michaels for being president of my fan club, for the card & what you wrote.

Dan Oltman for the guilty pleasure music, for the late nights, for the adventures, for the inspiration, for the rides, for the hard work, for being a friend.

Paige Osburn for the creativity, for the passion, for the sense of humor.

Justin Irvin for keeping the faith.

Steve Vittitoe for the guidance, for the wisdom and the advice.

Jason Vales for the stories, for the input, for the help and the opportunities.

Mandy Finfrock for the drive, for being Iris, being Maggie & being you.

Bret Swanson for being both a swell guy and a scary motherfucker.

Joe Coppola & Amanda White for giving life to Kim & Shane.

Kevin Vernon for the encouragement, for being a role model & giving me hope.

Justin Mayo for waking me up to a world of possibility.

Josh Weckesser for joining forces, for frisbee in the park, for dreaming my dream with me and making it real, for showing me it could be done, for never making me feel guilty for breaking free, for supporting me even in my failures, for sitting in the front row and laughing, for the flowers, for the support, for the inspiration, for the drinks, for being you, for the encouragement, for the kindness, for the memories.

Eva Visscher-Simon, Cori Raney, Rob Carroll, Maria Le, Mike Manjarrez, Jessica Rubenacker, David Foster, Nate Loos, Katie Sebald, Miriam Gebhardt, Elizabeth Johnson, Julia Bartolone, Ryan Brewer, Will Irvin, Mike Callahan, Melissa Fitzgerald, Erica Sommers, Julie Fisher, and Alyssa Huff for showing up, for taking chances, for pitching in, for working hard, for having faith and seeing it through.

Rebecca Benner for my life as I know it, for shaping me, for teaching me about fate, for your endless support & love.

Thanks also to: The Coffeehouse & Deli * The University Heights Church * Illinois State University Communications Dept. * The Unitarian Universalist Church * Illinois State University Theatre Dept. * University High School * Kathleen Clesson * Madelyn Nickum * Michelle Ball * Renata Sancken * Brandon Bennett * Kathleen Helgeson * Marc Lebovitz * Erin Guimon * Everyone's moms and dads. Seriously, we owe you big time. *

Theatre Memories:

"I'm not Jonas-ing the phone, okay?" --Dan Oltman

"Is it a sin to lust after a priest?" --Krystal Wilcox, Katie Karl, and Lauren Schumacher

"My new favorite theatre sport is incest." --Seth Gorden

"Well, the first thing we do on stage crew is, we respect America." --Crew Brandon

Hello Dolly Chorus Member: "Is stage managing hard?"
Kellie Powell: "Not the way I do it."

Danny Thalblum: "Well, ladies and gentlemen, our story is drawing to a close. For those of you who have no idea what just happened..."
Kellie Powell: "...Here's a hoe-down."
Danny Thalblum: "Drive safe."

Kellie Powell: "This is how I became a minimalist."
Lindsay T. Miller: "Out of laziness?"

"Clap if you believe in straight male theatre majors!" --Chelsea Holland

Kathy Briggs: "Are you going to shave before the show?"
Ryan Brewer: "No! You can't be gay without a beard!"

"I just referred to my bottom left wisdom tooth as upstage left." --Megan Dougherty

Sharon Kowalsky: "Wow. You really are a Theatre Major."