Catholic Schoolgirls

Written by Casey Kurtti
Directed by Kellie Powell

left to right: Katie Sebald, Lauren Schumacher, Miriam Gebhardt
Catholic Schoolgirls Photo Gallery

June 27, 28, 29 at 8pm
Illinois State University Fell Hall
Room 148.

Cast List

Elizabeth McHugh
Lauren Schumacher
Wanda Sluska
Miriam Gebhardt
Maria Theresa Russo
Elizabeth Johnson
Colleen Dockery
Katie Sebald
Sister Mary Agnes
Katie Karl
Sister Mary Lucille
Krystal Wilcox
Sister Mary Thomasina
Paige Osborn
Sister Mary Germaine
Julia Bartolone

Production Crew

Set & Props:
Kathy Briggs, Paige Osborn, Katie Karl, Krystal Wilcox, Katie Sebald, Miriam Gebhardt, Lauren Schumacher, Elizabeth Johnson.


Krystal Wilcox, Katie Karl, Lauren Schumacher.

Lighting & Sound:

Will Irvin, Steven Michaels, Dan Oltman.


Krystal Wilcox, Stephanie Krimmer, Kathy Briggs.

Publicity & House:

Renata Sancken, Will Irvin, Jordan Karl, Katie Karl, Krystal Wilcox, Lauren Schumacher, Paige Osborn, Dan Oltman, Seth Gorden, Kathy Briggs, Will Irvin.

Special Thanks To:

The Illinois State University Communications Department
Josh Weckesser and Stick & Co. Productions
Rebecca Benner
Madelyn Nickum
Julie, Kay, and Scott Fisher
Music Industry Networking
Mr. & Mrs. Karl
Michael and Elaine Sebald
Lauren Schumacher, Paige Osborn, and Miriam Gebhardt
Krystal & Valerie Wilcox
WESN Radio (88.1 FM) and Illinois Wesleyan University
Nick Timme

And, to the Shoes Executive Board:
Katie Karl, Kathy Briggs, Steven Michaels,
Dan Oltman, and Seth Gorden

Director's Notes

When you tell someone you're directing a show called Catholic Schoolgirls, they have one of two reactions. I won't describe the first (and most common) one, because this is the closest I'll probably ever come to producing a "family-friendly" show. Hi, small children! I probably won't see any of you in one of my audiences for a long time!

The other reaction is to ask me if I was raised a Catholic. And no, unlike the majority of my cast members, I am not and have never been a Catholic. What appealed to me about this project was not that I could mock religion (let's face it, it's too easy). What appealed to me was the opportunity to pay homage to women, young or old, who find the courage to stand up and say, "I disagree."

For many, the question of the show is whether or not organized religion redeems itself. And the show is, in fact, partially about separating The Word of God from The Word of The Church. However, to me, the show is about hypocrisy and injustice; it is about finding the strength to rebel and the power of irreverence.

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