These Aren't My Shoes Productions

Plays by Josh Weckesser:

  • Gray Matter
  • It Came From Texas
  • Untitled [Autobiography]
  • Plays by Joe Brofcak:

  • Interstate
  • Transfer
  • I Can Build You
  • Plays by Kellie Powell:

  • Bargaining
  • Thanksgiving in the Wilderness
  • Collaboration
  • Dogface
  • Like Dreaming, Backwards
  • One Graveyard
  • Reserved
  • Your Money's Worth
  • And Turning, Stay
  • Richard Fisher's Funeral
  • What Are the Chances?
  • Spilled Milk
  • Just Looking
  • That Was Then
  • These Aren't My Shoes Productions was founded in 2003 by Kellie Powell, Seth Gorden, Dan Oltman, Steve Michaels, Katie Karl, and Kathy Briggs. The group staged independent theatre productions in Central Illinois.

    The Monologue Database began in 1999, and was the only website of its kind. In 2006, These Aren't My Shoes Productions expanded the Database project and began selling digital copies of plays by emerging writers.

    The Database now features monologues by Kellie Powell, Josh Weckesser, and Joe Brofcak, from plays published by These Aren't My Shoes Productions, as well as work from many other playwrights, including: Chelsea Peluso, Donna Spector, Elana Gartner, Diane Grant, Ed Friedman, Karen Jeynes, Steve Strangio, and Tony Yajko. New monologues will continue to be added, and These Aren't My Shoes Productions is working with print-on-demand service providers to offer some plays in paperback.

    Submissions are currently not being accepted, due to the volume of submissions our staff has not yet been able to review. We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to resume accepting submissions soon.

    Thank you for visiting. We hope These Aren't My Shoes Productions and the Monologue Database continue to be worthwhile resources for all members of the theatre community.