It Came From Texas
By Josh Weckesser


It Came From Texas is the story of a monster that rampages the country side, eating all in it's path. This intrepid group of gamblers take refuge in a basement, where they do their best to ignore the world. This succeeds only in so much as the Hate Music will allow, not to mention the Female Overmind. A sci-fi fantasy western with a twist (NOTE: The previous statement is false). Really, it's about a bunch of people pissing a day away, languishing in each other in the way that only a group of people that knows each other too well can languish.


5 Men, 4 Women


One Act


  • Tim

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    You're in my house. My house, my rules.

    But we're in the basement of the house. They just passed a law saying that the basement is no longer part of the property to which it is attached. Meaning, technically, this isn't your property.

    [sarcastic] Isn't it? Then who does own the basement?

    [simply] The state of Texas.

    The lone star state? Why?

    Well, if you don't own the place then you don't make the rules. You won't be able to boss people around. Come on, just for the rest of the day.

    Fine. [monotone] I, Timothy Patterson, do hereby swear that I will act as if my basement is owned by Texas for the rest of the day.

    Now that I think about it, maybe the law said Mexico...

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