Josh Weckesser

Josh Weckesser was born in Normal, Illinois on a snowy day in April. He spent his formative years in that flat land during the big-hair days of the 1980s. He has been confused about seasons and fashion (among many other things, for example, solar eclipses) ever since. Today Josh may be found living in Chicago doing those things that people in Chicago do. Mostly cheering for the Bears and trying to keep his head down when people start throwing beer bottles about baseball. When free Josh can be found sipping on a rum drink musing about how life is hard, but (somehow) worth it. Josh has been known to enjoy pie, pecan and has learned to experience heartbreak in the stoic way he believes that his fathers always have.

Josh has always had to make things he enjoys. For example, it was not enough, as a youth, to just admire the sand in the box, but rather he felt the need to create objects out of it. Objects resembling castles. And, on occasions, objects resembling flood basins, ones that if a green army man was not cautious, could flood while he was crossing. When Josh became literate he started reading. And he loved books, so much so that he began to write one. A long and boring one (unfinished to this day) about revenge, but, ultimately, about redemption.

Josh's interest in the theatre began in his early teens and led him from the stage to the creation of Stick & Co. Productions (now defunct), an independent theatre company based in Normal, Illinois. A little bit of schooling and a lot of moxy has led Josh to make a living currently as a lighting designer and stage manager for dance and theatre. As his life in the theatre has increased, he continues to think that he has something to say. Since that time he has written a couple of long and boring plays. Plays that he is hawking to you currently over the internet. He thanks you from the bottom of his heart if you buy one. And will spit in your face if he recognizes you on the street if you do not. Such are the mood swings of one who makes "art." His ever-popular high school melo-drama Gray Matter, about how it is better to have never loved at all than to have loved and lost. In the mode of Simon & Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock."

There is also the highly entertaining It Came From Texas, about a group of friends, a deck of cards, and "The Fever." And, there's the Untitled Autobiography, featuring Josh and Todd.

There are the other, less polished plays, which are not currently here being hawked. Josh has spent the past couple of years trying to learn how to be a grown-ass man, and when he finally figures it out perhaps there will be words, words, words, that will flow like honey into the open mouths of the faithful. Stranger things have been promised to those who believe.

Josh Weckesser is a fancier of web comics (in general) and would like you to read this one strip (in specific).

On occasion Josh sells arms to the Martians, but when the gun-running market is dry he waits sullenly for a letter from some diseased clown with a three-piece mind telling him that he's won a bullet-proof pair of rose-colored glasses for his poem "Autumn in the Spring."

Josh obtained his bachelor's degree from Columbia College Chicago in 2007. He also attended Northern Illinois University in DeKalb.

Josh's upcoming writing projects include the completion of his first ever 'collage' play (working title: Monkey Tapestry) also the completion of his three unities tragedy (working title: Porch Play). He also hopes to figure out how to move forward on the 'Writing with Strangers' project. If you'd like to write a play (however short) with Josh, drop him an email. He also has plans to write his grandfather's biography.

Josh Weckesser


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