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Three Days of Rain

By Richard Greenberg
Directed by Kellie Powell

Photography by Kellie Powell and Dan Oltman.

Act I Photos * Act II Photos

Close on Walker (Seth Gorden), son of a famous dead architect and a Southern basketcase.

Close on Nan (Lauren Schumacher), his "somehow entirely sane" sister.

Nan (Lauren Schumacher) argues with Walker (Seth Gorden) in defense of Boston.

Nan (Lauren Schumacher) and torpid Pip (Dan Oltman) discuss Pip's career as a soap opera star.

Four shots of the same exchange, none of which turned out very well. Walker (Seth Gorden) describes an epiphany he has had regarding his father, to Nan (Lauren Schumacher).

Walker (Seth Gorden) and Nan (Lauren Schumacher) say goodbye to the dead.

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