Patient A

Written by Lee Blessing

Photos By Kathy Briggs * Photos By Kellie Powell

Everyone looks on the verge of suicide... maybe they're so sad because Katie and Ryan have too much hair.

Everyone looks the opposite direction, a little later in the play. Everyone still looks very sad.

Lee (Justin Irvin) shares the bittersweet tale of a girl and her dead pet fawn.

Wow, Ryan- I mean, Matthew sure can brood...

Kim (Katie Sebald) and Matthew (Ryan Brewer) share an awkward CDC interview.

Lee (Justin Irvin) looks like a zombie pontificates while Matthew (Ryan Brewer) looks on incredulously.

We like this shot because it almost looks like Lee & Matt are one being. Leethew. Or Jyan Brervin. One creature with two sad heads.

This one picture perfectly describes the drama played out in Patient A. Matthew, played brilliantly by the effortlessly-complex Ryan Brewer, is in the background, hardly visibile and forced to either watch the other characters in horror or ignore them entirely. Kim, played by the brutally frank Katie Sebald is telling her story directly to the audience, subtley begging for everyone to sympathize with her and to keep her alive in the public mind. Lee, played by the supremely skilled Justin Irvin is an observer attempting to present a debate without becoming part of it - and yet, he is constantly and reluctantly in the foreground. Unwillingly, he dominates the picture.

Don't be misled by the show's content... the cast and I had some laughs. =)