The Proposal
By Anton Chekhov

Natasha is the only daughter of a widower. She is a strong woman and not overly feminine. She wants nothing more than to get married, but prospects are not good. The only possibility is her childhood friend and neighbor, Lomov. Lomov has come to propose and Natasha suspects as much.


You smoke? Go ahead if you want to, here's some matches.

Beautiful day today, isn't it? And yesterday it was raining so hard the men in the hayfields couldn't do a thing. How many stacks have your people cut so far? You know what happened to me? I got so carried away I had them cut down the whole meadow, and now I'm sorry I did - the hay's going to rot.

Oh my! Look at you! What've you got on those clothes for? Well, if you aren't something! You going to a party, or what? You know, you're looking kind of cute these days... Anyway, what are you all dressed up for?

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