I'll Have What She's Having
By Karen Jeynes

Louis is a real estate agent in his 40s, from Central Karoo. He and his wife Jeanette are on vacation in Cape Town, South Africa. They are alone in their hotel room.


This is lovely... It's really lovely to be here with you, you know, alone. I mean I miss the kids but it's lekker to be just the two of us, you know, and to not be worrying about cleaning up, or... stuff, you know? And look how lovely you are in that dress, man, I'm going to have the most gorgeous woman in the place tonight, I'll have to fight off all the other guys who want to get close to you!

Look at these hands. These hands have fed, cleaned and looked after my family for almost two decades, these hands put my children to bed, klap them when they're naughty, these hands run the bath for me every night. And this face, this mouth, hasn't said a bad word against me for all the years we've been married, not once. It's always smiled when I come home from work, it's kissed me goodbye every single day. And these eyes that watch me grow older and love me more and more.

And these thighs and hips and lekker tummy, there's no other body that knows each of my kids so well, that keeps me warm at night and fits so nicely into me.

I'll Have What She's Having is available from the playwright, Karen Jeynes.

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