Connecting Flight
By Tony Yajko

Laura, a college student, is waiting for her parents in an airport bar. She is about to get married to her girlfriend, Toni. She has been casually chatting with the waiter in the bar.


Oh, you don't know Toni at all. Well, we do have a lot in common. We both like the same music, go to the same school, we're both majoring in law... We're both women.

Nothing more to say?

I remember when Toni and I finally told my parents. They came to Boston to help us move into my new apartment and I kind of figured my mom knew what was going on, but my Dad was totally clueless. So anyway, we got all our furniture moved in and my Dad says to me, "sweetie, where is your bed?" I was totally speechless. And then there was this dead silence where nobody knew what to say. And I think that's when it finally sank in.

My folks didn't speak to me for a year... said they "needed time to accept us". Last summer we went on vacation in Cape Cod and Toni came along. Well as soon as my father saw her get out of the car with me he says, "Did you have to bring her along?"

Toni just looked at my father and said... "Well, it would be a little weird if I didn't invite your daughter."

They didn't bother to show up. Well... so much for my parents being here for the wedding. I know they were checked in on that flight. I made the reservations myself. Everyone on board has already been through here... I'm sick of trying to include them in the wedding when they don't want to be a part of it.

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