Everybody Else (is fucking perfect)
By Karen Jeynes

Gavin is married to Cathy - his second wife. Cathy's sister, Traci, comes to stay with the couple and meets Jared, 24, a bartender. Jared tells Traci that he recognizes Gavin from the bar - where Gavin brings dates. Male dates. Traci is unsure about what to do about Gavin's sexuality and his affairs. Then Cathy becomes pregnant. Traci convinces Gavin to confess to Cathy. Gavin tells Cathy, and Cathy tells him that it doesn't matter, she wants to stay together. Here, Jared addresses Gavin.


How can you just fucking sit there and deny everything you are? I'm sorry, I know this is "none of my business" and you and Cathy like your little fantasy world where it's perfectly fucking normal for you to marry her but go out for boys on the side every weekend. But then what, Gavin? What happened to your first marriage, did the lies ever get too much for you, did you ever stop and think that you were killing yourself every fucking day by pretending to be something you're not? And you can't hide in some marriage, and you can't expect everything to be hunky dory and rose coloured.

What happens when your kid finds out? And they will find out I promise you, that Mommy and Daddy's been lying for years because that was easier. That was easier than just fucking admitting that you are gay, and dealing with the consequences. Cathy's not crazy for wanting a safe happy marriage, she knows exactly what she wants and she's getting it all because she was right. You are too chicken shit to ever leave her. She has won the battle already. Did you know that she chose you because you were a coward? She chose you because she knew you'd be too scared to ever leave her, or admit who you really are. Sweet, innocent Cathy had this planned all along! You're all fucking psycho and I'm leaving.

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