By Donna Spector

Dementia is a comedy/drama about an improvisational theater troupe in Berkeley, 1969, era of the Vietnam War, a theater troupe that wanted to save the world but couldn't save itself. Eden is an actor in her early 20's, a flower child and free spirit in the theatre troupe. She performs this monologue in a coffee house.


(As a spot picks her up, she puts on a hat, gloves and shawl.)

Hi! I'm the weather lady.

(Points to an imaginary map.)

As you can see, in the Northeast it's very cold. Snow and sleet all over New England as a storm moves down from Canada. Temperatures down near zero.

(She shivers.)

By Tuesday the snow will hit New York. Predictions are for a possible three feet of snow, so be prepared.

(She draws her shawl tighter.)

It's just terrible when the weather gets like this, isn't it? I personally couldn't stand it. But if you have to live there, remember the animals. Don't wear fur or leather, okay? Think of the little minks, raccoons, cows that could be alive right now and adding their lovely vibrations to the atmosphere.

(Points to map.)

However. Moving on down south, the weather is much nicer. I could stand to live in the Carolinas, where the temperature is still in the mid-60's.

(She removes her hat.)

Down here in Florida it's quite pleasant, which is what you'd expect in Florida. I mean, that's why people retire here, isn't it? Temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's. Very lovely.

(Removes her gloves.)

I suggest moving to Key West. Very arty, and at sunset people all gather to watch the sun go down. When it dives into the water, people clap. Did you know that?

(Removes her shawl. Points to map.)

Moving on into Texas, things are really warming up. Whew! Upper 80's and in Dallas the mid-90's.

(She unbuttons her dress.)

No wonder presidents get shot in Dallas.

(Points to map.)

But if you think that's bad, look at the far west. California is undergoing a terrific heat wave. Temperatures up near 100.

(Drops her dress to floor, wipes her face and armpits.)

Really hot here. Lord, I just couldn't take it! And the smog alert in Los Angeles. Why people can't go outside, and if they do, they have to run for cover. That's sick, don't you think? And I'll tell you why, it's the horrible pollution, which is the fault of all those big corporations and the Republicans who support them and vote down all our environmental protection bills in Congress. Think about it.

(She's now in her bra and underpants.)

So, that's all for now. See you next time.

(Big smile at the "camera." Offstage, actors applaud.)

This monologue is from the full-length play Dementia by Donna Spector. If you would like to read the entire script, you can purchase an electronic copy from Donna Spector by ordering through PayPal. Click the button below. You will receive an electronic copy via e-mail after your payment has been received.

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