I'll Have What She's Having
By Karen Jeynes

Devon is an African-American investor, early thirties, currently living in Joburg. He and his girlfriend, Mpumi, are staying in a hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. Mpumi has just erupted with frustration and told Devon that she's angry that he asked her to move in together, instead of proposing marriage. She storms into the bathroom to take a bath. A few minutes later, Devon begins talking to her through the door.


Babe, can we talk? Sweetheart? Can I come in? You're right, you know. You're right, there, you see, I'm admitting it, you are right, we don't know each other as well as we should, but do you know something else? That's not all my fault. Hey, you see what you've done, you've got me talking, isn't that every girl's dream, talking. "Honey let's talk". Babe? Sweetie? I know I'm a bit crass, a bit loud sometimes but do you know what? I am capable of emotion, and I thought that maybe if we did move in together we could "take things to the next level" or something like that.

(He's quiet and thinks a moment)

Why do you never let me see you without make up on? I mean, what I mean is, who are you? You always got to shave your legs and... when do you ever go out in your natural hair, your natural skin, just slop around in front of people? You're always being someone with me, and I don't know how much of that is real? When I asked you... who knows, I thought, it just seemed right, maybe I didn't think, Okay, but I did feel. Listen babes, I'm going to go take a walk while you finish applying your face, or whatever it is you're doing, and I hope I can see you for dinner downstairs.

I'll Have What She's Having is available from the playwright, Karen Jeynes.

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